How to Create an Origami Box.

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The origami box is also known as the masu box. It is attractive. If you love the art, then you should learn how to design the origami box. It can be used to hold some of the things you might have. Hence, once you develop one box not only will be it beautiful but also it will be used for holding items. If you do not know how to go about it, then you should use several tips, and you will get the best box.
You should make sure you have the material used. You will need the paper, and it should be square in form. If you do not have a square based paper, then you should take one corner of the paper and create a diagonal fold where the tip of the corner will have to touch the edge of the other side of the paper.Read_more_from_origami box. The paper which has been left downwards without getting covered is cut down to leave the paper in square shape.
The square paper should be folded in half, and you apply the crease on that line. You should open the paper from the folds, and then you fold the other side of the paper. You should crease the fold and then open it. It means that after opening you will have four squares on that paper divided by the two lines which intersect at the center of that paper. After that, you should make folds on each square diagonally such that the corner tips of the paper will meet at the center of it. You should crease the paper so that it can hold up the folds. Do not unfold the folds.
You should then make sure that the paper looks square and fold the top and the bottom such that the edges of both sides will meet at the center of the paper. Make sure you have creased them to maintain the folds.Read_more_from_ You should unfold both folds and the triangles which formed when you brought the tips of the paper into the center. The bottom should be folded and creased.
You should one tip of the triangle and bring it to the other tip of the triangle. You should pull up the folded halves on the long side to make the sides of the box. When you know that the triangles are tucked inside, then you should pull the other side of the folds to make sure you get the other wall, and even the last partition will be done that way. You get the origami box.Read_more_from_

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